University of San Carlos - TC "X-Rigs 2011" Computer Expo

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University of San Carlos - Technological Center and Datalogics Society Group (Department of Computer Science) are proud to present to you:

What is this:
It is a Computer showroom/expo showcasing different people's computer
set-up. These rigs ranges from the mid-end up to the high-end computers.
Modded Rigs will also be showcased.

Why do we need to showcase: In order to show the
people/non-enthusiasts how technology is improving with the help of high
computing preferences. Basically, we are speaking of desktop and mobile

How do we do it: 3D games prove to be the best benchmarking
software for the locals when it comes to product comparison. We allow
the audience to have a feel/taste of how the games run at mid - ultra
high settings. By doing this, we can help them decide on what kind of PC
parts are suitable for their specific attributes.

What about LAN Games: Definitely we will be having LAN games (LAN
party) so that the user (audience) and his pal can enjoy the game and
talk about it after the event. Playing LAN games at your desired
settings will create the degree of reality and enjoyment of your gaming

When will this event happen: FEBRUARY 4. (FINAL)

Who are qualified to join:
Anyone as long as you think your rig
rocks! Remember all we need is mid to high end. If you are unsure if you
are qualified just post your specs here and I will decide. Gaming
laptops and modded PC's are definitely qualified.

Size of Monitors: Maximum size is 100 inch while minimum size is 10 inch.

Location: University of San Carlos - Technological Center (Nasipit, Talamban) Bunzel Lobby (a.k.a Engineering Lobby)

Why start the thread so early:
Because the chosen date is a Friday not a weekend,starting this thread early gives you time to ask your boss for a leave.

HOW TO JOIN: Entry formswill be given to you thru e-mail or hot
links. Submit it to me on the scheduled meeting. No forms no entry. Jost
post post here if you want to join.

Who is in charge of this: ME (blizzaga4)